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Antarés Jump

The Antares jump is a remarkable saddle used by top riders, including Marie Pellegrin and Rich Fellers. The saddle costs a pretty penny, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone that could say anything poorly about it. Soft like butter, and extremely comfortable, Antares allows

Amerigo Vega Jumping

The Vega Jump saddle is a top-quality saddle from Amerigo. Designed to center the rider on top of the horse’s movement instead of behind it, the Vega Jump is built with beautiful, soft leather. Vega saddles are built with a polyamide tree which prevents the tree from

Albion K2 Jump

Albion is a superior saddle maker from Britain that’s used by professional riders all over the world, including Hans Peter Miderhoud and William Fox-Pitt. The Albion K2 Jump has been one of the most popular jumping saddles for over 14 years. In the summer of 2014, Albion