K2 JumpAlbion is a superior saddle maker from Britain that’s used by professional riders all over the world, including Hans Peter Miderhoud and William Fox-Pitt. The Albion K2 Jump has been one of the most popular jumping saddles for over 14 years. In the summer of 2014, Albion revamped this special saddle to bring a comfortable new design to the market.

The K2 Jump is designed for a close-contact feel and extra support. It has large knee rolls and rear padded blocks that provide confidence and security. Riders will feel very secure in this saddle, but that also means it will allow less freedom. Short-legged riders have reported to have more trouble with this. The Albion K2 Jump is also renowned for its great versatility for all types of horses. On the cons side, it is a bit heavy and some riders have reported that the seat in the older version is a little hard, particularly uncomfortable in the groin area. Many riders report having to shorten their stirrups more than usual to feel comfortable in it. Despite this, the old design is still very popular, with V-shape girth straps and large knee rolls.

Fortunately, the new design was redone with a more luxurious seat, but be aware of the difference if buying a used older one. It comes with fixed standard knee and thigh rolls that are soft and comfortable. The tree on the new K2 jump is designed with the Albion Adjusta-Tree Technology and features a wider panel surface.

If you’re looking for a secure seat to support you, the K2 Jump is a good way to go.

2014 Version:

  • Gussets: standard and 3″
  • Adjusta-Tree Fittings: N-XW

Older Version:

  • Colors: black, dark havana, chocolate, caramel
  • Flap: dual
  • Pros: versatile fit, very secure
  • Cons: heavy, restrictive, hard seat


  • Designed: for a close contact and supportive feel
  • Leather Options: full grain ultima, and traditional leathers
  • Best For: riders with long legs

Have you tried the Albion K2 Jump? What did you think? Let us know!