The Vega Jump saddle is a top-quality saddle from Amerigo. Designed to center the rider on top of the horse’s movement instead of behind it, the Vega Jump is built with beautiful, soft leather. Vega saddles are built with a polyamide tree which prevents the tree from spreading while allowing for controlled flexibility. It comes with knee and thigh blocks that keep the rider secure but not too restricted. The panels are wool-flocked and has three billet straps, which makes positioning your girth even easier and precise. The leather is so soft that there is almost no break-in time required for this saddle. One consideration is that the tree sizes are more generous than on some other brands. However, this also makes the saddle more likely to fit several horses.

The Vega Jump also comes in a ’special’ version that is redesigned with softer flaps.

  • Designed: to put the rider on top of the movement
  • Tree sizes: narrow, medium, medium wide
  • Flap lengths: short, normal, long, extra long
  • Colors: new market, red brown, brown, black
  • Pros: supportive but does not hinder movement, improves equitation, very soft
  • Cons: soft leather but is sensitive to scratches

Current eBay listings for the Vega Jump:
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